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Voodoo tracking

Home · News · Technology · 3D Scene Reconstruction · Camera Tracking · Image Processing · Services · Matchmoving · Consulting · Labeling · Products. Voodoo Camera Tracker: A tool for the integration of virtual and real scenes. How to do 3D matching with VVVV and Voodoo Camera Tracker - b-g/ vvvv_voodoo_3d_matching.

VISCODA created Voodoo Camera Tracker, the free motion tracking solution. Download Voodoo Camera Tracker for Windows. Do any of you guys kno how to use Voodoo (P.S. its a motion tracking program)?. Here is a great tutorial on how to do camera tracking in Blender, using the Voodoo camera tracker. The Voodoo software can estimates camera.

Hello, I'm trying to do some video tracking experiment for a short movie. I'm using ubuntu, that's why I choose voodoo camera tracker (not open source) and not.