Utorrent speed 1kb download

Utorrent speed 1kb

Also, doubt it's my internet connection, downloads through the browser and just general loading of pages is just fine, the same speed it's always. If I apply a download speed limit to my download, regardless of the speed I put it at, it drops the speed down to about 1kb/s. If I remove the limit. even i check on drewgiles.com my down speed is Mb/s and up . i applied that settings to utorrent or bottorent the other active torrents.

First a minute or so it downloads 5 Mb/s and then it falls. Why does it happen? It started happening when I got my internet cable instead of wifi. I got uTorrent on my phonr and any torrent I get will go up to max speed and once it peeks it goes down to 1kb and below and has no ETA. Torrent systems works on mutual sharing mechanisms in their software. You are supposed to share data. Decreasing your upload speed limits what you share.

Slow uTorrent downloads speeds. The Poop Nuke Aug 25, , PM. I have 50 mb/sb download and upload speed from my ISP. I have fiber optics and I. Is your torrent download speed slow and you want to increase your Torrent So, turning it completely off, or setting it as 1kB/s, would not be a wise option.